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Distinctively Original


Lance Headlee – Distinctively Original

“I don’t paint what I see with my eyes, I paint what I see in my mind. This guarantees you the viewer and me the artist there is only one original painting like it on this planet”

Imagination Running Wild – I never know what the image will be until it enters my mind and starts to dance. Images come and go – it’s the ones that stay and dance that talk to me. They dance the best and stay the longest, and are always talking to me. They say “paint us distinctively unique” “paint us fun” “paint us colorful” “Paint us cool and sexy” “paint us big, bold and beautiful” but most of all don’t paint us if you can’t challenge yourself and paint something new and different. As an artist “Different” is always the challenge for me. Painting images straight from imagination are images you can’t find anywhere else in the world. In the world of art Distinctively Original is my challenge and one I gladly except. My clients and collectors love the fact that the fun images I paint are one of a kind original images, the only paintings like them on this planet.

Art Is My Life – At the age of eight, the first thing my father ever showed me how to draw was a cowboy on a piece of paper. When he drew it, I freaked out and asked him to do it again, and he did. I looked on in amazement. Watching my father make that cowboy come alive putting pencil to paper changed my life forever. Since that day, art and the creative process of bringing imagination to life has consumed my world. What you see today is no doubt the end result of that amazing moment in time with my Father.

Art has been a large part of my world for as long as I can remember. I have been applying paint to canvas for over 35 years. It is the challenge of the entire creative process that interests me the most. Bringing ideas from mind to reality, and the journey from beginning to end is a beautiful process. It doesn’t matter to me what it is, as long as it allows me to let my mind run free so I can imagine and explore the possibilities of creating something new for myself and the viewer.

Those Were The Days – I’ve always been a cowboy just ask my MOM – because someone took these pictures and it wasn’t me, I just found them.

These are pictures of aka “Young Gun” and my dog “T-bone”. This is about the age I started to drawLANCE HEADLEE YOUNG GUN and let my imagination run free. Can you say Bonanza and Gun Smoke, Those were the days. I had to have the same hat as Hass Cartwright. Google it! It’s Googleable. Which wasn’t even a word back then. lol

To all the hundreds of artist, art lovers, clients, and collectors from all over the world that have been to The Gallery Store and have made purchases on my images and made comments on my work, I would like to say to each and every one of you, THANK YOU SO MUCH. You have all been extremely kind to take the time to support me and comment. All your comments are very inspirational. Again, Thank you very much.

To my family, friends, clients, collectors, art lovers, and all the special people that have purchased
my work and supported my creativity over the years, it is and always will be greatly appreciated.
I wish each and every one of you Love, Health and Happiness Always.

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Roper by Lance Headlee


Cowboy Who by Lance Headlee


ONE BLUE EYE by Lance Headlee


Let's Ride by Lance Headlee


Multi Color Cowboy by Lance Headlee


Cowboy Blue by Lance Headlee


PONY GIRL by Lance Headlee


WINE FARM by Lance Headlee


HORSE PLAY by Lance Headlee


SOLO SINGER by Lance Headlee


WINE PARTY by Lance Headlee


TWO PONIES by Lance Headlee


HORSE SONG by Lance Headlee


PONY GIRL #1 by Lance Headlee


RUN FROM THE SUN by Lance Headlee


THE WATERING HOLE by Lance Headlee


ZEBZ by Lance Headlee


Painted Pony by Lance Headlee


Painted Pony Close-Up by Lance Headlee


RAIN ON THE HILL by Lance Headlee


RED SKY RAIN by Lance Headlee


ONE MAN by Lance Headlee


RAIN LOVERS by Lance Headlee


RIDIN' RED CANYON by Lance Headlee


BLUE AND BROWN by Lance Headlee


BETWEEN RED GRASS by Lance Headlee




POWERHOUSE by Lance Headlee


Four In The Rain by Lance Headlee


Three With Rope by Lance Headlee


RED RAIN by Lance Headlee


RAIN FOREST RIDER by Lance Headlee




Rope One by Lance Headlee


INDIAN SUNDOWN by Lance Headlee


Red With Rope by Lance Headlee


Three Ponies by Lance Headlee


Three In The Family by Lance Headlee


Pony Pastures by Lance Headlee


Little Blue by Lance Headlee


Paint My Ponies by Lance Headlee


Riding In Circles by Lance Headlee


In The Orange by Lance Headlee


Red Dust by Lance Headlee


Red Sand by Lance Headlee


Three Drifters by Lance Headlee


Three In Orange by Lance Headlee


Desert Riders by Lance Headlee